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March 20, 2023

Quantum Hunter for the Super-narrative Metaverse

Imagine that one day we will be able to visit Quantum Hunter magical virtual worlds through AR/VR devices. We will be able to take prompts to create any 3D objects that we have imagined or not imagined in our minds. It is like saying a magic word. Then we actually own them (the data is hosted on a public chain), and we can interact with intelligent AI NPC in the virtual world and influence the story development of the entire game world, all supported by a fully transparent open source infrastructure.

Whether it is computer vision, machine learning, or natural language processing and intelligent speech, artificial intelligence is an important part and one of the key parts of the metaverse, it is highly overlapping with the metaverse cut, with the continuous support of these artificial intelligence technologies, the metaverse will be from concept to scene landing in the future, the close relationship between the two, let the market have more imagination and expectations.

Games and the Metaverse have something in common in terms of 3D, but they don’t cover everything that the Metaverse needs. Cryptocurrencies can provide other important things that are needed, such as digital proof of ownership, transfer of value, governance, and operability. But what does all this mean?

The openness of the Metaverse perfectly matches the decentralization characteristics of blockchain technology. NFT supported by blockchain technology can realize efficient rights confirmation and transactions for digital assets in the Metaverse. The metaverse is an open enough world that every native in the metaverse will participate in the construction of the digital new world, both as users and builders of the digital new world, including digital content creators, enthusiasts, game developers, consumers, collectors, etc. These creators also form a community. They also share in all the revenue that the community brings.

The product experience of the early Quantum Hunter Metaverse will be mostly centered around the gaming industry, which had built up a certain audience. Quantum Hunte Games have a lot of value extension, all users can be both consumers and creators, can buy the ownership of virtual world items, can publish their own NFT to guide users to pay attention to their work, and so on, dual identity driven, will bring exponential growth of the huge market.

Therefore, in the future  Quantum Hunter Metaverse, data assets will be extremely abundant, and an efficient mechanism of rights confirmation, trading and profit distribution is particularly important. Once the application in the Quantum Hunter  Metaverse is built on the basis of blockchain technology, blockchain technology can provide an open, transparent and decentralized cooperation mechanism for the Metaverse, which is different from the current centralized Internet platform, which has obtained most of the revenue and profits. In the future Metaverse, the economic model enabled by blockchain technology will certainly bring huge and far-reaching influence.

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