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March 20, 2023

Quantum Hunter Omnichain Compatibility Technology

Quantum Hunter is building a Omnichain Compatibility Technology which will raise the perspective of user experience. The players can participate in the game without cross-chain. Our developers help players seamlessly account through the built-in underlying cross-chain technology, and the settlement assets and income obtained by users can be used on the source chain. Omnichain access will also bring more users and intensify the antagonism.

No blockchain is perfect. They are optimized for one purpose at the expense of other functions. In the past, contract deployment was concentrated on a single chain. When scaling to another chain, the application must be redeployed. Using the cross-chain message relay protocol based on ZK, the paradigm shift from single-chain application to cross-chain application and then to omnichain application will be realized.

Quantum Hunter will expand gaming applications to a variety of blockchains in the future, including Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, BNB Chain, Aptos and so on,  using a ZK-based cross-chain message relay protocol. Quantum Hunter will leverage the strengths of each blockchain and avoid its weaknesses with cross-chain messaging protocols.

While protocols for cross-chain communication are still in their infancy, developers are hard at work developing them to try to solve problems such as synchronizing state in real time between different chains.

ZKP provides an entirely new way to communicate across chains. With the power of ZKP, secure cross-chain messaging is now much cheaper. The size of the proof is much smaller than before. On-chain verification costs are also much lower.

Quantum Hunter will use cross-chain communication protocols that connect different blockchains to form a omnichain game with huge impact, just like those global multinational companies.


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